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Can You Still Lose Bodyfat % While in Lockdown?

While most of us have now been in lockdown and unable to hit the gyms for over a month, you may be thinking should you give up with your weight loss goals? The answer NO, you can continue to lose those unwanted pounds, by monitoring your calories intake. While most of us won't have access to equipment we can still continue on our fat loss goals by reducing the daily calories. We recommend you reduce your BMR by 300kcals. This should mainly come from the carbohydrates your consuming on your current diet. Why reduce your carbs and not your protein or fats is simply because the protein will help you to maintain your gains and reduces the damages of cortisol levels hindering your gains. With fats, our brains need fats for our bodies to function better as long as your not consuming too many saturated fats you'll still be able to lose body fat while in lockdown.. Another way is to walk more outdoors try to do 5k every day to help create a calorie deficit.



Posted by Your Protein Hub on 01 May 2020 16:48

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